Courage to Fly

How It Works

Courage To Fly is an in-flight CD program for fearful flyers. It is designed to help you manage anxiety before and during your actual flight. It is a personalized program which includes a structured format for developing your own system to take fear out of the driver's seat and to put you back in charge of your life.

Your in-flight program focuses on giving you:

  • answers to frequently asked questions about flying
  • information on fear and how to manage it
  • personal methods of preparing you for your flying experience through developing;
    • clear and realistic goal for overcoming your fear
    • clear motivation statement
    • personalized support system
    • structure of identified trigger words or "hot words" that stimulate your fear
    • relaxation and deep breathing program

Listen to a sample

Listen to a sample of the program!

In addition to the CD program, you have the option to work one-on-one with Coach Robin Fay-McNair.

It is called an in-flight program, because it is modeled after the flight plan that pilots make to organize their flights. Instead of focusing on the pilot's business of flying the plane, Courage To Fly is a tool which helps you to prepare your own flight experience to feel safe.

You can use the Courage To Fly program in different ways.

  • As a self-help program, which you can use on your own whenever you want
  • As a last-minute program, which you can use before during the flight
  • As a supplement to therapy, or another fear of flying clinic
  • As a refresher course to recapture your courage to fly
  • With a personal coach for support and direction